Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Modest Mouse- No One's First and You're Next


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?docxjmwm23n

Sounds like: Sweet

Similar Bands: Brand New, mewithoutYou, Pantera, The dirty mcdozen

Monday, May 11, 2009

Les Savy Fav- Inches


Sound: Dance Punk

Similar Bands: So Many Dynamos, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Q and Not U

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?gmju3ouxzyi

Thunderbirds Are Now!- Necks EP(2005)


1. Essentially, It's a Viking Funeral Hymn For Those Whom Hath Sired Red-Haired Berzerkers
2. Surrounded by Skanks
3. Bodies Adjust
4. ...& The Chocolate Moustache
5. Pink Motorcycle Helmet - (Patrick Dempsey remix)
6. Do the Splitz & Say, Neat!

Sound: Electronic Punk

Similar Bands: So Many Dynamos, Les Savy Fev, The Blackout Pact


City of Caterpillar- City of Caterpillar(2002)


Sound: True Screamo

Similir bands: pg 99, Portraits of Past, Orchid

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?3y5ig1jfjme

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Get Up Kids- Something to Write Home About (1999)


1. Holiday
2. Action & Action
3. Valentine
4. Red Letter Day
5. Out Of Reach
6. Ten Minutes
7. The Company Dime
8. My Apology
9. I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel
10. Long Goodnight
11. Close To Home
12. I'll Catch You

Sound: True Emo,a bit more poppier at times

Similar Bands: Hey Mercedes, The Promise Ring, Blackpool Lights

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?22vzmmzjdmw

The Casket Lottery- Moving Mountains EP(2000)


1. Dead Dear
2. Rip Van Winkle
3. Vista Point
4. Jealousy On Tap
5. Thousand Oaks (Away From Home)
6. Ancient Injury
7. Stolen Honda
8. Keep Searching
9. Optimist Honor Roll

Sound: True Raw Emo

Similar bands: Small Brown Bike, Able Baker Fox, The Jazz June

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?mg2l3tlm1nr

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions(2005)


1. Rebel Rebel
2. Life on Mars?
3. Starman
4. Ziggy Stardust
5. Lady Stardust
6. Changes
7. Oh! You Pretty Things
8. Rock N' Roll Suicide
9. Suffragette City
10. Five Years
11. Queen Bitch
12. When I Live My Dream
13. Quicksand
14. Team Zissou

Sound: Seu Jorge covering David Bowie songs, like in the movie The Life Aquatic.

Similar: The Life Aquatic, Portugal, David Bowie

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?noodnlmzmzj

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou(2004)


1. Shark Attack Theme Sven Libaek
2. Loquasto International Film Festival Mark Mothersbaugh
3. Life On Mars? David Bowie
4. Starman Seu Jorge
5. Let Me Tell You About My Boat Mark Mothersbaugh
6. Rebel Rebel Seu Jorge
7. Zissou Society Blue Star Cadets/Ned's Theme Take 1 Mark Mothersbaugh
8. Gut Feeling Devo
9. Open Sea Theme Sven Libaek
10. Rock N' Roll Suicide Seu Jorge
11. Here's To You Joan Baez
12. We Call Them Pirates Out Here Mark Mothersbaugh
13. Search And Destory Iggy And The Stooges
14. La Nina De Puerta Oscura Paco De Lucia
15. Life On Mars? Seu Jorge
16. Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op Mark Mothersbaugh
17. Five Years Seu Jorge
18. 30 Century Man Scott Walker
19. The Way I Feel Inside The Zombies
20. Queen Bitch David Bowie

Sound: Soundtrack for the movie "The Life Aquatic." Such a sweet movie.

Similar soundtracks: The Darjeeling Limited, Rushmore

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?zzo1muggmyn

Holy Molar- The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth(2001)


1.Pissing Off in the Rolex of Your Dreams
2.That Old Rugged Cross-Dresser
3.Hindsight Between the Hind Legs
4.You're in Love, Holy Molar
5.Sunburnt Tongue
6.Just One Minute and Thirty-Six Seconds Closer to Smoke From the Crematorium

Whole Tooth & Nothing But The Tooth Songs DISC 2:

1.Flouride the Lightning
2.Deep C Odyssey
3.Deep Thought Eject Button
4.Drip! Drip! Drip!
5.Dungeons and Drag Queens Part I
6.Dungeons and Drag Queens Part II
7.Dungeons and Drag Queens Part III

Sound: All of other Justin Pearson's bands, but sweeter electronics and possibly the weirdest. Best.

Similar Bands: The Locust, Head Wound City, An Albatross

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ybi9bjrq17m/

Minus the Bear- Acoustics EP (2008)


1. Guns & Ammo
2. We Are Not a Football Team (from the album, Highly Refined Pirates)
3. Burying Luck (from the album, Planet of Ice)
4. Knights (from the album, Planet of Ice)
5. Pachuca Sunrise (from the album, Menos El Oso)
6. Throwin' Shapes (from the album, Planet of Ice)
7. Ice Monster (from the album, Planet of Ice)

Sound: Acoustic versions of their songs, plus a new one(Guns & Ammo)

Similar bands: Maps & Atlases, Sharks Keep Moving, This Town Needs Guns, American Football


Head Wound City- Head Wound City EP (2005)


1. Radical Friends
2. I'm A Taxidermist - I'll Stuff Anything
3. Prick Class
4. Street College
5. New Soak For An Empty Pocket
6. Thrash Zoo
7. Michael J. Fux Featuring Gnarls In Charge

Sound: Noise

Similar Bands: The Locust, The Blood Brothers, An Albatross


Indian Summer- Discography(1993-1994)


1. Your Train Is Leaving
2. Touch the Wings of an Angel
3. Truman
4. Aren't You Angel
5. Millimete
6. Angry Son
7. Orchard
8. Sugarpill
9. Reflections on Milkweed

Sound: True Emo, one of the earliest bands of this style

Similar bands: Moss Icon, Portraits of Past, Swing Kids


Braid- Frame & Canvas(1998)


1 - The New Nathan Detroits
2 - Killing a Camera
3 - Never Will Come for Us
4 - First Day Back
5 - Collect from Clark Kent
6 - Milwaukee Sky Rocket
7 - A Dozen Roses
8 - Urbana's Too Dark
9 - Consolation Prizefighter
10 - Ariel
11 - Breathe In
12 - I Keep a Diary

Sound: True Emo

Similar Bands: The Promise Ring, Hey Mercedes, Christie Front Drive


Hot Water Music- Caution(2002)


1. Remedy
2. Trusty Chords
3. I Was On A Mountain
4. One Step To Slip
5. It's All Related
6. The Sense
7. Not For Anyone
8. Sweet Disasters
9. Alright For Now
10. We'll Say Anything We Want
11. Wayfarer
12. The End

Sound: Raw Punk

Similar Bands: Small Brown Bike, Latterman, Lifetime, Polar Bear Club


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Burns Out Bright- Distance and Darkness EP


1.Crowded Streets, Empty Skies
2.Our Proudest Moments
3.Watership Down
4.Something I Can Steal

Sound: True Emo

Similar Bands: The Casket Lottery, Slowride, Grade

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?udjwmmujfjg

Burns Out Bright - Save Yourself a Lifetime


1. The World Is Going To Hell. We Don't Have a Record Deal & I've Never Had a Better Time In My Life
2. Optimistic Nihilistic
3. Replication Is The Highest Form Of Replication
4. The Michael Keaton Backslash
5. Sincerely I
6. My Other Band Is A Hardcore Band
7. I Just Want You to Know, I Hate Each One Of You For Completely Different Reasons
8. When Life Feed You Lemons, Choke On Them And Die
9. Nothing Keeps The Werewolf Away Like A Silver Bullet
10. Remember Son, One Day All Of This Will Be Yours

Sound: True Emo

Similar Bands: The Casket Lottery, Slowride, Grade


La Dispute- Vancouver(2006)


1. Future Wars
2. A Word of Welcome and of Warning
3. See You In Vancouver
4. To Withstand the Force of Storms
5. He Is Here, He Is Not Afraid
6. The Surgeon and the Scientist
7. Fairmount
8. Untitled

Sound: Modern Screamo

Similar Bands: United Nations, Hot Cross, Off Minor

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?4glmd1v7mnd

Girl Talk- Feed the Animals(2008)


1. Play Your Part(Pt 1)
2. Shut the Club Down
3. Still Here
4. What's It All About
5. Set It Off
6. No Pause
7. Like This
8. Give Me A Beat
9. Hands In the Air
10. In the Step
11. Let Me See You
12. Here's the Thing
13. Don't Stop
14. Play Your Part (Pt 2)

Sound: Mash-ups of popular radio hits


It's Like Spring - Spring EP(2009)


1. Fiat Voluntas Tua
2. States Turning Colors
3. Image of Ramadafacation
4. We're Not Heroes, We're From Finchley
5. Hilly Oceans
6. States Turning Colors INSTRUMENTAL
7. Fiat Voluntas Tua INSTRUMENTAL
8. Property

Sound: Electronic/Noise

Similar Bands: Crystal Castles, Motionless Battle, RBRT VRNR

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?yvm4yzdwzmt

Circle Takes The Square - As the Roots Undo(2004)


1. Intro
2. Same Shade as Concrete
3. Crowquill
4. In the Nervous Light
5. Interview at the Ruins
6. Non-Objective Portrait of Karma
7. Kill the Switch
8. A Crater to Cough In

Sound: True Screamo

Similar Bands: pg 99, Hot Cross, I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/?u1omdzfegxm